The overriding strategic aim of the Group is to supply over 1,900 houses to customers in 2020, with over 95% of them completed to the turnkey finishing standard.
The forecast rate of growth in the segment of turnkey houses is the highest on the market across all categories of one- and two-family homes, and thus the Group intends to concentrate its activity on this area, focusing on projects from the medium price range. 

The Group’s main strategic aims are: 

    1. Reinforcing its market position in Germany as the leader of the turnkey segment which is expected to generate the main portion of business growth. The share of the Group’s revenue from the German market, which in 2017 was 87.4%, may  in subsequent years be reduced due to the robust growth of sales in other markets, but Germany will remain a strategic market for the Group’s operations.

    2. Gaining a major position in this segment on other markets where the Group is already present, i.e. the UK and the Alpine countries.

    3. Potential expansion to new geographical markets in the future, e.g. Scandinavian markets, primarily Sweden and Norway. 

    4. Continual improvement in EBITDA margin by achieving effects of scale and strict cost controls.