Danwood Holding files prospectus with KNF

Danwood Holding S.A. has filed a prospectus with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) in connection with its plans to conduct a public offering of shares in mid-2018 and debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

“In recent years we have been growing dynamically, steadily increasing the number of homes delivered,” said Jarosław K. Jurak, CEO of Danwood Holding S.A. “In 2017 we delivered 1215 homes to customers, 22% more than the year before. We have a full portfolio of orders for 2018 and early 2019. We built our position primarily based on the very attractive German market, where we are the leader in the segment of turnkey prefabricated homes. We are growing our business on the British market, which we have great hopes for. We operate on the most promising segment of the market. It is estimated that the sales value on the turnkey prefabricated homes market in which we operate will grow at an average annual rate of 7% over 2017–2022. We have determined with our shareholder that the current stage of growth is a good moment to take the company public and list it on the WSE. We plan to target the offering to investors in Poland and abroad. The ultimate decision on conducting the public offering, and the schedule, will depend on the selling shareholder and the market situation.”